With the introduction of new data privacy legislation known as GDPR on 25th May 2018 we are updating our Privacy Policy.

Any registered common right holder on CL65, CL124, CL161 or CL162 will be agreeing to our legitimate interest in holding information about them which is necessary for the administration of the association.

This information will be the contact information provided by the Norfolk County Council and any other information freely provided by registrants when they join or freely provided at a later date.  Registrants may request a copy of the information held at any time and may ask us to correct or delete it.  We will not be able to delete information that is necessary for the administration of the association.

Registrants also give us permission to share their contact and other relevant information with other registrants unless they specify that they do not wish for their information to be shared in this way.

We may need to share information with third parties for compliance and will always verify that this is strictly necessary before giving out any personal information held.

From time to time we may need to use the services of a Data Processor such as an email service and we will ensure that they are compliant with the new legislation before doing so.

When registrants transfer their rights we may hold onto their information in case they wish to re-register and we may communicate with them to keep them informed via newsletters.  All such newsletters will include an “unsubscribe” option in case the person no longer wishes to be kept informed.  From time to time we will review whether holding information on past registrants is necessary and we will delete those that we no longer consider necessary.

We may also hold information on non-registrants such as suppliers or friends of the association.  This information will be restricted to basic contact information and will not include any common right specific information.  These third parties may be included in email marketing until such time as they unsubscribe.  If they unsubscribe from email marketing we may still keep their contact information on file if we consider it necessary for the administration of the association.

Any third party may request a copy of the information that we hold and may request its amendment or deletion.  We encourage this as we have an obligation to keep our information up to date.  We will not be able to delete information that is necessary for the administration of the club, but we will delete information that is no longer required for that purpose.

We hold the information in a secure database where we endeavour to keep it up to date.  We may hold copies of certain information in spreadsheets for analysis and tracking purposes.  We place these spreadsheets in secure locations protected by current computer security standards.  We undertake to notify individuals if we detect a security breach.

Last updated in September 2018

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